Coffins & Caskets

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Coffins & Caskets

Our comprehensive coffin and casket collection has been carefully selected and brings together the finest material and attention to detail. We also supply a gown and interiors with each of our coffins. We can provide traditional, contemporary and even eco-friendly coffins and caskets.

Below are illustrations and examples of just some of the coffins and caskets available. Please click on any image for it’s name and a little basic information.

Oak Veneered Coffins in Clear Natural Finish


Oak Veneered Coffins with Panelled Sides


Solid Oak Coffins


Veneered Mahogany Coffins

Veneered Mahogany Coffins with Panelled Sides


Solid Mahogany Coffins


Miscellaneous Coffins with various coloured stains


Traditional Solid Timber Burial Caskets


Traditional Veneered Burial Caskets


Environmentally Friendly Coffins


Infant and Childs Coffins and Caskets


Infant Caskets from London Casket Company


Coffins from the Colourful Coffin Collection


Caskets from London Casket Company


Coffins from London Casket Company


Ashes Caskets


Download the PDF Catalogue HERE

Download the Brochure and Catalogue from the London Casket Company HERE