Floral Tributes

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Floral Tributes

For centuries many people have chosen to express their sympathy through flowers, bringing colour to a sombre occasion. Floral Tributes can be personalised to provide you with something that captures your feelings exactly. Many people choose flowers that were a favourite of the person who has died, which can be another way of making the funeral more personal.

There are many types of floral arrangements. If you’d like an idea of the kind of arrangements people tend to choose, we are able to offer guidance and through our carefully selected suppliers, provide high quality floral tributes to match your exact requirements.

Please ask us for information.

Some people prefer to have flowers from the family only and choose an organisation for people to donate to instead of buying flowers. It is worth remembering that sending flowers can be a healing gesture for people who have lost someone close.

It might be worth giving people the choice of sending flowers or donating money to a charity, or both.

We will collect the cards from the wreaths and bouquets and give them to you later if you wish. If you prefer donations in lieu of flowers to be given to your favourite charity, we will collect the monies and send them off on your behalf.