Funeral Services

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Funeral Services

We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of funeral services to accomodate almost all cultures, religions and specific requirements. From a religious service according to your specific beliefs through to Civil,  Humanist or Woodland  funerals. Below is a brief summary to help guide you.

Religion Specific

World ReligionsWe are happy to provide funeral services for all faiths and will do our best to respond positively to the needs of  specific religious groups and individual clients in respect of their particular beliefs.

We have a wide range of experience, accumulated over many decades which helps us to efficiently cater for all cultures and religions including Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Rastafari, Sikh and many more.

If the deceased had a religious faith it may be appropriate for the service to be conducted by a member of the clergy. The service could take place in the local church, chapel, synagogue, mosque or temple or in the chapel at the crematorium or cemetery (if available). A religious service can also take place at the graveside or at the deceased’s home if this is what is required by their particular faith.

Civil Funerals

A civil funeral is one that reflects the wishes of the family and is focused on celebrating the life of the deceased. It is both a dignified tribute and a highly personal memoir, created by a professional Celebrant following consultation with the family or executor. The Civil Funeral can be held almost anywhere you wish and is appropriate for either a cremation or burial at a non religious or woodland burial site. Music plays a very important part in Civil Funeral Ceremonies and you may include any that you consider appropriate. You can also include poetry and/or religious items such as hymns and prayers if you wish.

A member of our team will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you or put you in touch with a celebrant as appropriate.

Humanist Funerals

BHA - British Humanist AssociationMore and more people choose to live their lives without religion and increasingly people are asking for services without hymns, prayers or any other reference to religion whatsoever.

If this is what you would like then it could be that a Humanist ceremony might be right for you. Humanist officiants are trained to provide secular ceremonies tailored to the individual being remembered and the needs of their family, usually recounting the life that has ended. They will visit the bereaved family and write a tribute that celebrates as well as remembers.

We would be happy to help if this is your wish and can put you in touch with a Humanist officiant.


We will be happy to arrange cremation using either local facilities or, if required, the services of crematoria elsewhere in the country depending on your specific requirements.


Right of burial, and in a particular the churchyard or cemetery you would prefer to use, will depend on where the deceased was living at the time of death and the room available in such facilities. We will advise you of the options available and the charges made by each of the burial authorities concerned.


Woodland and Green Burials

In response to increased environmental awareness we are able to arrange burials in woodland cemeteries and other green burial sites. We can offer you details and charges of the sites available locally or source one further afield if necessary. Alternatives to the traditional wooden coffin, such as bamboo and wicker are available and these are ideal for the purposes of green burial.

Details are available upon request.

Woodland Burial Options